Legal Consents & Planning

An Open Public Meeting was held on Wednesday 20th February 2008 at the Royal Hotel, Symonds Yat East for anyone interested or who had concerns about the project. After a brief introduction and resumé of the project's history two presentations were given which can be seen by selecting the following links: the first presentation by EPD explained the projects aims, proposals, environmental considerations and timescales while the second presentation presented the results of an Ecological Assessment of the Rapids by Cresswell Associates.

The project is being managed by S&P Architects with Engineering Paddler Designs responsible for planning the in-river work. The contractor carrying out the in-river work is JN Bentley.

The Project has been given Planning Permission by Herefordshire Council and Flood Defence Consent by the Environment Agency

The supporting documentation for these consents is included below.

Non Technical Summary



(001) Drawing Register    
(100) Symonds Yat Canoe Rapids Location Plan (101) Proposed Groynes (102) Proposed Groynes & Areas of Old Groyne Clearance
(103) Groyne E7 Section 737 (104) Groyne E6 Section 753 (105) Groyne W8 Section 770
(106) Groyne E5 Section 788 (107) Groyne W7 Section 794.5 (108) Groyne E4 Section 816.2
(109) Groyne W6 Section 826 (110) Groyne E3 Section 838 (111) Groyne W5 Section 856
(112) Groyne W2 & E2 Section 866.2 (Plan) (113) Groyne W2 & E2 Section 866.2 (Section)  
(130) Island Stabilisation & Habitat Improvements (150) Typical Groyne Structure, Flow Pattern & Associated Habitat Improvement (200) Construction Access, Haul Routes & Methodology

Supporting Reports

Archaeological Report Ecological Report Flood Risk Assessment
Aquatic Survey (June 2005) Beetle Survey (September 2000)